Plush best reclining set

Product Description:

See our furniture really does Go Up Our Walls ! So many sets to choose from. Here is a very plush reclining set from Best Home Furnishings. It features lots of support with the full chaise–your legs have support the whole length. This sets holds you just right, you will be dreaming before you know it ! (We have had Customers fall alseep in the store in this set!) We also stock the matching Lift chair–just as plush but the chair “Gives You a Lift” when you want to get up. The set or a piece may be “Taken Home Today” ! (delivery available) You may also choose the fabric from over 700 samples and we will have the factory custom build yours. Come in and try one out for size. Proudly built in the USA, by Best Home Furnishings !

Product Number:

BC-2 SPEC S515, L515, 9MW84

Product Dimensions:

Reclining Sofa 88 1/2″ WIDE x 39 1/2″ DEEP x 41″ TALL
************Reclining Loveseat 41″ WIDE x 39 1/2″ DEEP x 41″ TALL
**********Reclining CHAIR 37″ WIDE x 40 1/2″ DEEP x 43 1/2″ TALL