9B21 the beast

Product Description:

The factory calls it the Beast. This Lift Chair is designed for the bigger person. If you are tall this chairs is for you. Have you ever sat in a chair and you have no support behind your knees, or worst yet you knees were bent upward–that chair was too small. Now come in and try this chair. You won’t belieive the comfort. Just like shoes, the chair must fit the person who will be using it. This chair features a full chaise to fully support you legs. It also features 2 powerful motors to insure smooth operation. This chair will lift you to your feet, gently return you to the sitting position and then power recline you for a good nap. We stock this chair in a range of colors. The Lift chair may be “Taken Home Today” ! (delivery available) You may also choose the fabric from over 700 fabrics and we will have the factory custom build yours. Proudly built in the USA, by Best Home Furnishings !

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Product Dimensions:

CHAIR: HEIGHT 45 1/2″ X WIDTH 44 1/2″ X DEPTH 43″
SEAT: HEIGHT 24 1/2″ X WIDTH 19 1/2″ X DEPTH 23 1/2″