7NW51 Lift Chair putty fabric

Product Description:

A little wider petite lift chair to give you more room. This chair will lift you to your feet, gently return you to the sitting position and then power recline you for a good nap. We stock this chair in a range of colors. The Lift chair may be “Taken Home Today” ! (delivery available) You may also choose the fabric from over 700 fabrics and we will have the factory custom build yours. Come in and try one out for size. Proudly built in the USA, by Best Home Furnishings !

Product Number:

7NW51 Mexi

Product Dimensions:

CHAIR: HEIGHT 40″ X WIDTH 33″ X DEPTH 35 1/2″ ************
SEAT: HEIGHT 18 1/2″ X WIDTH 20 1/2″ X DEPTH 20″