Buckeye Rockers


Buckeye Rockers is in the heart of Amish Country in Ohio. From the shop on the family farm, you can see farm animals peacefully grazing in the pastures. Later, an Amish horse and buggy goes trotting by. In this shop, the skilled Amish craftsmen create beautiful kitchen and dining room tables. These pieces are future heirlooms to be passed down to the next generations!

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Choose from one of the many designs. (See photo gallery on the right)

Now select the wood. Better yet, come into our store to see items made in the various woods. Feel the woods. Over ten different woods to choose from. (BUT FIRST, PLEASE CHECK OUT OUR STORE’S HOURS.)

Finally, choose your stain. Come in and see the samples. (Computers never show the true colors.) Then, look at the furniture in the store, because we try to have pieces in all the different stains and in many different woods. This way you get what you like. If you are trying to match a cabinet-bring a drawer or door. That will help you make your selection. Two toning is even available.

If the piece that you like isn’t listed in the exact size you need, let us get you a quote. Buckeye Rockers specializes in customization of your furniture.

Come in and talk to us about your needs.

We even stock furniture from other shops too! Come and see their books also. Remember, if you don’t see what you want-ASK US. We specialize in customization.